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THE Senior Section

The Senior Section is for young people aged between 15 and 19.

We have a programme designed to show that young people are capable of achieving the best, without having to be tarred with the brush of been yobs. We challenge young people physically, mentally and spiritually so that they may grow into men and women who are responsible, capable and happy.

Our Seniors programme includes camps, challenges, music, drill, drama, sport, nights out, games and much more besides. The Seniors at MWBB take an active leadership role amongst our younger members and are independent in their decision making.


In 1956, the BB was a founding partner of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, with the scheme itself very strongly connected to our awards programme. For more information, please visit the D of E page. Just another way in which we push young people to achieve more.


The Challenge Plus award scheme is split up into 3 zones:


The Challenge Plus requires each young person to take part in detailed Projects and Challenge activities which they themselves choose and work on.

There are three levels of awards which require a number of points to achieve

Bronze (10 points)

Silver (20 points) 

Gold (30 points)

These all lead on to the two highest awards in the BB.

President's Badge      
The President's Badge 


Queen's Badge 

 And the highest award in the Boys' Brigade, the Queen's Badge

Fifteen people in MWBB have earned to right to be called a Queensman

1989 - Steven Clayton
1989 - Richard Turner
1997 - Graham Simpson 
2002 - Thomas Clayton
2002 - Dominic Martin
2008 - Thomas Hornsey
2011 - Sam Cullen
2011 - Stacey Walker
2011 - Becki Daniel
2011 - Benjamin Haymes
2011 - Andrew Robinson
2012 - Callum Henderson
2012 - Samantha Huxley
2012 - Daniel Lee
2013 - Rachel Robinson
2014 - Charlotte Lee
2015 - Dominic Frankish
2015 - Christian Parrish
2016 - Katie Allison
2016 - Sarah Robinson


Seniors can also earn promotions and become young leaders in the Company:

Lance Corporal  Corporal  Sergeant  Staff Sergeant 

Think you're up for the challenge plus? Have a night on us and see... How to Join