what if i want to earn even more awards?


MWBB is a flagship deliverer of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme to gold standard.

In 1956, the BB was a founding partner of the D of E Award scheme, with the scheme itself very strongly connected to our awards programme. Today this remains the case with both our Discover and 
Challenge Plus programmes tailored to work alongside the award. 

To complete the award, each member has to complete 4 sections (5 for Gold level)


The work for the bronze, silver and gold awards are carried out through the Company. As well as earning BB awards, members work towards their D of E award at the same time. The BB's second highest award (the President's Badge - matches the requirements for D of E bronze level and the highest award (the Queen's Badge) is equivalent to D of E silver.

More information is available on the D of E website.

Just another way in which we push young people to achieve more.


Think you could go for gold?... Why not find out?